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With Scorpion's truck loading ramp, getting wheeled-vehicles or dollies into and out of the back of your truck becomes two-minute operation. The best truck loading ramp money can buy. No hitch required!

Scorpion portable truck ramps require less than three square feet of storage space, fold to a 9" depth and weigh in at 78 lbs. Scorpion ramps are equipped with wheels for easy transport. A punched and raised aluminum traction platform allows for safe use, even when wet. The ramp's patented compressed arch design allows for maximum strength and stability during use. The ramp's stainless steel hinges and lack of structural welds insure a long life and unequalled durability. Scorpion Ramp's design is pure genius, see for yourself.

Truck with Ramp and motorcycle
Plenty of room for transportation, stowed ramp does not impede tie-down locations
  • Get loaded without a hitch! Truck ramps come with two belt straps to secure the ramp to the loading point. No legs, hitches or parts to lose, it's all one unit.
  • Compressed arch design allows for smooth and sturdy loading and unloading from your truck.
  • Machined Aluminum The load is distributed on one-piece 1/8" 5052 aluminum and stainless steel, no weak points.
  • One piece, no assembly No parts to lose. Deploy, load onto the truck and stow in under five minutes your first time!
  • Full width punched & raised aluminum traction platform for safe use even when wet.
  • Two belt straps included for secure attachment to loading edge. You don't need to put a hitch on your truck to use this ramp. Scorpion ramp doesn't go anywhere until you want it to. Trick loaded with ramps and bikes
  • Machined aluminum ball bearing wheels for easy transport, so anyone can roll it to and from the loading point.
  • 78 lb complete unit weight weighs less than the luggage! Load up your truck, stow the ramp and go!
  • 3,000 lb capacity, 1,200 lb duty rating* that's over THIRTY-EIGHT TIMES it's weight. The best ramp for your lawnmower, your scooter, and your 1500cc bike. One ramp does it all!
  • 120" long, 36" wide at base, 34" width at loading edge* Ten foot length offers less incline than shorter ramps, three foot width allows plenty of wiggle room while offering complete end point contact to your tailgate, van, or trailer.
  • 30 square feet of traction platform* all that tractioned space allows experts and novices alike a safe and confident loading and unloading experience in the most inclement weather.
  • 10' long, 3' wide, folds to 9"* Needs only three square feet of storage space with 9" depth: Leaving plenty of room for all your equipment.
  • Patented multi-purpose, portable design Wheelchairs, motorcycles, dirt bikes, scooters, construction equipment, lawnmowers, trench cutters, bobcats, ATVs; one truck ramp does it all!
  • Made in the U.S.A.


truck ramp side view
Patent No. 7,082,637 B1

*measurements vary with quad, snowmobile and single-width ramps 

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