Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you set it up?

Q: That's a lot of money for a ramp, why not get one of the $85 ones?
A: You get what you pay for.

  • It's cheaper than fixing your touring bike after dumping it
  • WAY less than your average trip to E. R. or subsequent insurance increases
  • It'll last longer
  • Its safer
  • You won't have to buy any additional parts for it
  • It takes less than 2 minutes to set up, how much is YOUR time worth?
  • The ramp I was using gave out on me, dumped my bike, cost me a bunch in repairs and I'm lucky I didn't break a leg. That's why I designed the Scorpion.

Q: Does it meet ADA specifications?
A: Yes. 10 foot length will meet 1:12 slope for a typical riser, graduated arch design allows less likelihood of high centering. Its the best available.
To meet ADA standards for a permanent ramp, you'll have to drop a mat over it and have handrails on either side. Loading edge fits inside of a standard 3'-0" wide door jamb.

Q: Will it rust?
A: No, it's made of Aluminum and stainless steel.

Q: Does it require any upkeep?
A: It requires little or no maintenance.

Q: What if it breaks?
A: The ramp was designed to prevent critical failure, after ultimate load (a 5,000 lb truck with a touring bike in it onto a flatbed?) ramp will bend, not snap. All Scorpion ramps come with a 30 day limited warranty.

Pickup loaded with 4 ramps, 2 big bikes, and gear.Q: Will it load an UltraGlide or a Gold Wing?
A: Of Course

Q: Will the 12" wide single pan work for loading?
A: Yes, if there are several bodies and hands to stabilize the equipment to be loaded/unloaded.

Q: Where do I store the ramp in the truck after a bike is in it?
A: It slides alongside one of the bedrails leaving all four cleat points in the bed available to tie down the bike.

Q: I was thinking about getting it for my Mom, who's in a wheelchair, will it work?
A: Absolutely! Scorpion Ramps are much better than any portable wheelchair ramp on the market, not only will it work, it doesn't bend like the telescoping or suitcase ramps do, I've had people who use motorized wheelchairs tell me it's 'not scary' to use, unlike the competition.

Q: Is it barefoot friendly?
A: Not unless you have really tough feet; the raised traction is pretty abrasive.

Q: Slippery when wet?
A: Nope, the punched and raised traction works even when its pouring rain and muddy.

Q: I have a sand rail, will Scorpion Ramp work for loading it?
A: Get out the tape measure. Standard Scorpion ramps are 36", we have 46" and 58" quad and snowmobile ramps that will work if the axles on the sand rail are the same width. If those measurements don't fit, you can contact us and we'll custom build one for you.

Q: How do I keep my ramp from getting stolen?
A: Padlock it to one of the bed cleats on your truck.

Q: Why would I need a powder coating on my ramp?
A: You don't. The silver vein, copper, black, red, blue and orange ramps are cool looking.

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